Novacane for the pain

Fuck yo feelings.

"I didn’t want you
to only fuck me,
I wanted you to
love me.

But I didn’t know what to
convince you with
besides my body."
- Hot Winds, Holy Thoughts | Lora Mathis - via lora-mathis (via perfect)


chucks12 😘

yes pls


when you say go deeper and he tell you he all the way in


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"You still talk about that person who used to love you as if they are standing right next to you but you won’t make eye contact when they’re in the same room. You said the aftermath of loving is the equivalent to wearing wet socks every day. I say you need to stop thinking so much and start drying your clothes."
- K.P.K (via towritepoems)

Ohhh Mr Benjamin 😍